Re-making Picasso’s Guernica

Re-making Picasso's Guernica- photo by Jon Gilhooley
Re-making Picasso’s Guernica- photo by Jon Gilhooly


On Sunday, 16th June I have been doing some peaceful and meditative sowing (in form of a horse hoof) on the “Re-making Picasso’s Guernica” project. This communal sowing event is an anti Fascist and anti war statement and the completed canvas collage will be going on a touring exhibition across the UK.

The original painting is Picasso’s representation of the bombing of the civilian population of the Basque town of Gernika in 1937. Apparently it was inspired by looking at a photograph.

This Sunday, 23rd June is another chance to take part. To find out more visit:
to stay updated with the project visit:


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