Grey is the new green

In late June, Rupert Grey invited me to his home in West Sussex where I proposed to take images for an Ideastap/Mother brief on “portraying a personality for a weekend supplement”. Here are the results. The images give an insight into a lawyer’s life at home- away from his busy London day job.

Not long ago, Rupert and his wife Jan returned from a once-in-a-lifetime journey along the Great Trunk Road India/Bangladesh with his old Rolls Royce. Rupert is currently in the process of editing the 120 films he took on the trip and conclude a film made in collaboration with director Oliver McGarvey. The car re-appears in my photographs as a symbol of personal freedom. Find a link to Rupert’s stills here and to the film trailer here.

You can also read my interview with Rupert on photographic © here: Ideastap.

Please click on the images below for a larger reel view.

Please note the © of Elizabeth David  (note from Elisabeth)- not to be published without explicit permission of Rupert Grey. All Photographs © Julia Horbaschk.


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