Meeting Tim Andrews: Encounter of a third kind

When Tim Andrews was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he left his job as a solicitor and created a photo project. To date he has been photographed by over 250 photographers. I think I may be No 256.

This is the story of how I met Tim Andrews:

Mini Click Portrait Series with Tim Andrews-5
Tim Andrews at Mini Click event 13th July 2013 at the Green Door Store.


Tim contacted me shortly after the talk asking me to go on a shoot with him. We met at the Meeting Place Cafe and I suggest one of my photo walks but he wants some privacy as he aims to be naked. I had just learned about a new, very spacious nudist beach and think it may be the perfect location. Tim sees himself naked in a corn field – we decide we will try to do both.

The second encounter 9th August sees us a little wet, I say a little- it was more like the heavens suddenly opened and we were literally blown off the beach! The light before the storm creates an intriguing atmosphere and the storm and rain certainly have an impact on Tim’s facial expression! There also seems to be tension looking at the iron fence in contrast to the vulnerability of Tim’s body.

These images are not like anything I’ve taken before. The images of the iron fence make me feel slightly uncomfortable, however, I think it’s rather interesting when a picture makes you feel something (click  for larger view).


We talked reading poetry, Mc Cartney, the show at Farley Farm, Cornwall, artist/wife Jane and a whole lot of other things waiting for the end of the storm. At 7:30am we gave up and went for a coffee- dressed!

21st August, 6am: The third encounter is meant to be a re-take. This time we check out the forecasts. The images capture Tim at sun rise. He brings feathers, moustache and a bowler hat, I bring an empty picture frame and a triangle. We also went in search of that corn field chasing the morning light. We talk Anthony Gormley, Gladiator and LA Confidential.

The vast seascapes with the humble presence of Tim’s body speak to me the most. They point to fragility of life, power, drama and synthesis of the elements. An osmosis of air, water, sand, sea and us.

The images are quite different from each other and I have no idea which final image Tim will choose for his project, Over the Hill but I can’t wait to see! I want to thank Tim for taking me on this journey. My personal highlights of our third encounter are here (click on images):


What have I learnt from this? Getting up early can have its charm. Be yourself – be crazy – don’t care what others think and go for it! Stay with it, let it happen. You don’t have to smile but you can if you want to. There is always a second chance in life. Put some music on. Make all the above your day job!

You can read about Tim’s unique, endearing and wonderfully eccentric project herehere and here.

Tim Andrews 21-8 by Julia Horbaschk ©-4
Tim  touching the clouds at dawn (with Pandora’s Box) © Julia Horbaschk

2 thoughts on “Meeting Tim Andrews: Encounter of a third kind

  1. It was a tremendously happy experience being photographed by Julia. She is great fun to work but she does take her profession seriously and is very determined to produce a good image at the end of the shoot. She listened carefully to my story and produced a set of photographs which very accurately expressed my attitude to life at this time when l have been fortunate enough to enjoy a freedom which l had so little time to indulge when l was working.
    Since the shoot, we have become firm friends and l have had the added pleasure of becoming acquainted with her charming husband, Mark.
    Also, she offered, and l accepted her offer, to assist with the curation of my exhibition of my project “Over the Hill” at the Create Gallery in Brighton which runs from 4th to 17th July. She has not only come up with original ideas but she has gone out and sought sponsorship with a huge amount of success.based on her previous experience and knowledge of Marketing (which is vast). Her help with the planning and hanging of the show has already impressed me. She has shown that enthusiasm and seemingly limitless energy allied to many years practical experience and knowledge of the Art and History of Photography produce a wonderful curator for this sort of show.

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