What a Dude(l): Roy Zoner stirs Brighton art scene


My first “doodle” with Roy reminds me of why I chose photography as I CANNOT draw! However, there is something highly therapeutic about “doodling “. When Roy told me about doodling I couldn’t really picture it. When I saw his doodles, I was impressed and bemused but when I attended his doodle workshop organised by The Sussex Artists Club (formerly known as the Brighton Artshole) at the Blue Man Pub, I was taken by the turn out and  the crowds enthusiasm to have a go.

Roy’s story of how he got into doodling is not to be missed and although some say it’s “absent minded scribbling” (Oxford dictionary), I think it carries more meaning than one would expect and could contribute highly to art therapy and team building…

Here are some of the images I took and the doodles I saw. Do go to one of Roy’s workshops and let him take you on a doodle safari- you will not regret it! Besides his doodle career Roy is a marvellous director/film maker.

Roy’s web: http://www.royzoner.com

Tumbler: http://orbpatrol.tumblr.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/royzoner


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