Owls, Endos, Starrfish and other stories

As the year draws to a close I thought I review a couple of projects that I didn’t have time to talk about in the last few months. This is partly due to new work commitments (working for Bill Murray is intense and full of surprises) and partly due to a very sore tooth that has annoyed me all the way to X-mas but has now nearly been remedied! Direction seems to shift into the moving image world as I prepare for the new challenges and encounters in the year ahead.

In Octobers Night Owl bonanza I learnt that film music and editing is a fine and complex task not to be underestimated – very fidgety and time consuming! Leave it to the professionals! Further tip: if you are ever interviewed on film make sure you are so tired out that you don’t care about it – you may just appear totally relaxed (unknown to the audience)! IMG_3346

In late November I distracted my tooth ache by making a very short documentary film about the “Feedback Circle” for the Brighton ArtsFORUM hosted during the Brighton Photo Fringe Interim November 2013, which isn’t perfect but luckily it features great characters and has hence received positive feedback! Check it here:Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 20.35.52

A very kind and ambitious Endodontist has accepted a skills exchange: a video in return for root canal treatment, and I look forward to throw myself into the project. Given his sense of humour (he loves Larry David), I have set myself the challenge of creating a video that manages to encapsulate a fine balance of documentary authenticity, capturing his unique character and sense of humour whilst illustrating his highly professional approach. Luckily, he has “curbed my enthusiasm” and I may just be able to heal fully before starting my health video career in 2014.

On this celebratory note, my interview with copyright lawyer and friend Rupert Grey has made it into December’s Ideastap Selection Box 2013 gaining 3176 views- near to the 3956 hits on my interview with beloved Alec Soth.

Not to forget the pleasure of shaking hands with Ian Palmer (BBC South East News) and Rob Starr during coverage of Starrfish: Rob’s story of swimming the English Channel despite suffering Crohn’s disease and arthritis. Watch the BBC footage here and see some of my pictures below. My portrait/ interview with Rob is to be featured in the March 2014 issue of Coast Magazine.

By the way Owl was definitely this year’s mascot and next year I think it’s going to be the Fox- you heard it from me first! Happy New Year- have a good one…


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