Beyond the Wave and a little further

A sense of adventure, environmental awareness, meaningful stories, fun, sun & sea! It’s an honour to be involved in Beyond the Wave and thanks to the Film Hub South East to have had the chance to curate “Beyond the Wave”.

I love the sea, have always loved the sea- I stare at it, I swim in it, I get inspired by it and I now live next to it! To curate a programme that’s all connected to the sea – content and location wise with people being equally inspired by the sea feels like riding a small wave of contentment!

Don’t miss to see the coastal related short films screening 6 times on the Big Screen during June/ July- all info here: A huge thank you to the film makers who allowed us to screen their work!

Sign up to our launch: plus all the repeat screenings in July here:

Find below more info on the films and their makers as a digital legacy to their work and commitment. Enjoy!

In order of Screenings:

1. Sea of Glass by Sean Vicary

film still-Sea of glass -Sean Vicary

The coastal landscape of West Wales.  Animation, music and photography are juxtaposed in order to explore the liminal space between land and sea. Evolved from an original piece produced as part of an audio-visual performance with the composer Tom Middleton at the National Film Theatre, London.

By Sean Vicary, UK 3:45 min. Find out more: and

2. This is Brighton

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 09.26.51

I started shooting not long after my thirteenth birthday, and what began as a test, turned into a project that would take 9-10months. I shot over 45,000 stills on a Sony A230. Tilt-Shift effect applied in AE. Edited in FCP. The music is by the wonderful ‘Cinematic Orchestra’ who kindly let me use their tracks.

Shortlisted in Rushes Soho Shorts 2012. The film is dedicated to Rob MacDonald.

By Caleb Yule, UK 2012 4:45min

3. North of the Sun

North of the Sun DVD cover   Inge Wegge and Jorn Ransum

Multi Award winning documentary about two boys facing the harsh Norwegian winter in a self build cabin right by the sea. Portraying an environmentally conscious as well as  adventurous lifestyle this documentary provides very rewarding  and at times very humorous viewing experience. Banff Mountain Film Festival: Grand Prize Winner, Peoples Choice and Dolby Award winner.

By Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum Norway 2012, 23 min. (European Outdoor Film Tour edit kindly provided by Moving Adventures). Rent or buy the full 40 min. version here:

4. To The Sea

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 09.27.08

A drama about a young girl who struggles to cope with the disappearance of her father. The film stars Alex Reid (The Descent, Misfits), Phil Cheadle (John Carter) and Zoe Mitchell as Chloe. Produced by 4am Films in association with University College Falmouth. Encounters Award winning film.

By Corin Taylor, UK. 20:25min

5. The Questions We Ask

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 09.27.22

In the spring of 2013, Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby crossed the Georgia Straight from Vancouver to Victoria on an inflatable stand-up paddle board In this award-winning short film, he contemplates the true meaning of adventure. By Kalum Ko, Canada, 3:25min. Find out more:

6. Killing Waves

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 09.27.36

A  multi award winning documentary following the story of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), an environmental organisation seeking to preserve our beaches and campaign against water pollution.

Directed and produced by Carlos Carneiro, UK. 6:24min. Supported by Dazed and Confused.


7. Moments in Time


Somewhere, there is a perfect island surrounded by reef and beautiful clear water. The population of this island was zero – until now. Here is the story of how three friends made their ways to this island and experienced the fruition of a dream. By Mark Moore, Canada, 2013, 6:12min. Introduced by Mark Pawlak/Exploco:

More info:,

8. The Sea & Me

The Sea & Me

Being inspired by the boats and their markings, the story grew once I met John Booker, a local fisherman. John’s weathered ‘nothing defeats me’ attitude gave me inspiration to create this short film showing the effort it takes him to get the boat to the sea and gives an insight to his long standing connection with the deep blue.

By Alan Stockdale, FOUNDLIGHT Productions, UK, 2:33min. Introduced by WonderLand

More info:,



A big Thank You goes to Mark my hubby (who I’ve hardly seen in the last 3 months), Big Dave (4print for a beautifully printed programme note), Guy Lloyd (Juice FM) + Dazza (from Kovak) who gave me his number, Tom Gates (DSY) & Charlie (Intern) who jumped at the opportunity, Dawn (the right girl at the right time!) and all the people who kept me sane! Thanks!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.41.54



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