Worthing Wanders

Worthing Wanders – rising from Brighton’s shadow 

Having moved from Brighton to Worthing a couple of months ago I feel it is my duty to report on the findings of my new neighbourhood. I have to admit there were minor hesitations leaving our lovely flat in Hove and taking the plunge into the unknown. However, the benefits of living in this calm and relaxing place have long outweighed the extra time travelling to London or Brighton and here is why:

  1. Some people say Worthing lives “in the shadow of Brighton” – this couldn’t be further from the truth. The average meridian age in Worthing may be 42.8 yet it is proving rather popular with fresh new ventures springing up. A kite surfing school, a funky new pool, a film club… given that the house prices are a massive 25% cheaper (based on May 2014) with only 10 miles distance to Brighton you’d be a fool not to take the plunge while it lasts! Just imagine swapping your cramped Brighton city flat with no outside space for a lovely terraced house with garden near the sea!
  2. Worthing has some Art Deco treasures! If you are into this decade then you can find some fine and carefully refurbished 1920s architecture at the two Worthing cinemas and the Pier’s Southern Pavillion OR breath in some other decades at the antique shops in Rowlands Road– generally speaking Worthing is quite retro and great for getting some quirky seaside snaps- a heaven for photographers with some rather “Parresque” scenes.
  3. Cinema prices are so decent it’s worth combining the £5 return train fare from Brighton with the £5 cinema ticket and have a day exploring the town- this equates to the price of one cinema ticket in Brighton. Worthing also has one of the oldest cinema’s in Britain – as nice as the Duke of York.
  4. Worthing has “cakes with a conscience” try: “Baked” in Rowlands Road a new venture by raising agent Lauren Roffey. I hear The Pantry and Daisy Moo are also well worth visiting.
  5. People are friendly and neighbours actually talk to you! You can safely leave your front door open for some fresh air and also find a huge choice of builders to help you with odd jobs and who give you invaluable DIY advice along the way.
  6. Cultural & Creative: Worthing has an Arts trail in June similar to Brighton’s Open Houses, St Paul’s offers amazing coffee, comedy & classes, Worthing Theaters bring you the ‘A’ list and International Worthing Bird Man makes hopping off the Pier legal for one weekend in July. Worthing Carnival supposedly longer established than the Notting Hill Carnival takes place every August bank holiday drumming some new life into you. Heene Road Community Centre has a slightly more alternative offer with an amazing Yoga Class run by THE Leah Bracknell. To get full insider info you must check out The Worthing Journal and Sunny Worthing (on Facebook), speak to the locals tune in the local radio or simply wander about town.
  7. And then of course there is the sea- the reason we are all in it and live here. Soak up the sea air -space to think, breath and get new ideas. Take a stroll at low tide or take some quirky photographs along the coast – then go for a swim -naked- oh hang on – there isn’t a nudist beach in Worthing – YET- so better behave yourself- after all we’re not in Brighton!

For the cynics out there, there are of course a few things missing or shall we say a few opportunities to add to the provision of the town 1. The coffee connoisseur -in need of finely roasted /freshly ground flat whites as created at Ground/Small Batch, 2. The health freak/”allergic type” -desperate for a funky Vegi/Vegan restaurant such as “Food for Friends” or “Terre a Terre” and a Health Food Store! 3. The “creative type” – I haven’t found a cool and contemporary photography gallery/ crowd yet. The Brighton Photo Fringe needs you! Finally, the conservatives have ruled Worthing since 1945- it may be time for a change? Not that I want to get political!

Here you have it – my first impressions of the Worthing area and I probably missed out a whole lot. In fact I hope I have so I can keep discovering wonderful new things as I go along. Do feel free to engage and tell me about them @WorthingWave https://twitter.com/WorthingWave or on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WorthingWave

In my creative beginners phase I had quite a few ideas for headers exploring the new contemporary, quirky edge of Worthing and I aim to use some of these in my next posts – so stay tuned and browse some photos…

  • W.thing (It’s a W.ting)
  • BN11 (still a Brighton postcode!)
  • Worthing Wanders- like the name of this small feature, wandering across town as a newbie
  • Worthing Wonders- as in the 7 world wonders – explored partially in this post
  • Worthing Swell- 1920s slang for “wonderful” – have a “swell” time – a summer theme
  • The Worthinger (can see it work as a newspaper title or cool guide like The Londoner)
  • Worthing Wave, which, I use on social media as I like the active connotation – share the vibe!

3 thoughts on “Worthing Wanders

  1. Hi,

    Love your photos and comments… we do have a health food store on Goring Road, that has been in existence for decades and there is an artsy/photography crowd. Come along to Networth on the first Weds of the month from 6-8pm at Munch Cafe in the Royal Arcade and you can meet some of them.

    I’ve lived in Worthing since 1981 and it’s great to see, in the last 2 years, a real up-turn and a coming alive.

    Also look out for Sundowners – great street food and join Transition Town Worthing (www.transitiontownworthing.ning.com) and get to meet some great people who really care about the future of our town (and our planet).

    Best wishes,
    Pauline Cory

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