From Brighton with love…

It’s been almost 15 years I lived in Brighton and I’ve come to think that if everything else goes tits up Brighton will still love me. There is something very endearing about Brighton, something so familiar -almost family like. I feel right at home. I have felt it since my very first arrival in 2000 when I went for my University interview. It was the atmosphere that caught me then, the ever changing clouds and in particular the sea mist/ diffused light that I like for my photography- oh and it’s proximity to the airport.

I have been at my own a lot of the time but I never felt alone. Partly because it’s a city that never sleeps (actually that’s not quite accurate- many shops in the Lanes (yes that IS the right spelling given the context) don’t open till 11am (but that’s another story) and partly because of it’s diametre. Everything is in walking distance or if you are in a hurry by bike- yes don’t even try to go to the town centre by car. Now that I have a car I know this to be true! In 14 years however, I didn’t need a car. I only got one because I now live in Worthing – but that’s another story -in fact that story is here:

Anyway now that I left Brighton to live nearby, I appreciate coming back even more! And I take great pleasure to now work in Brighton. It’s funny that because if you live in Brighton you most likely work in London or elsewhere and then the weekend is precious you make the most of Brighton beach, nightlife, culture only to move away from Brighton and then finally get a job there- which then pulls you back to make the most of after work time, the nightlife, the beach etc etc you see where this is going?! Don’t even get me started on the various Festivals! There is the Fringe, The Photo Fringe, The Digital Festival, the OSKA Bright Film Fest, the Great Escape…

I think it’s the acceptance of people, the diversity, the colours, the shops, the creativity, the hipster cluster, the down to earth and relaxed vibe, the empathy and well everything that makes us human that attracts people to this place. And it’s getting packed here but it doesn’t matter as Brighton loves you and it will make space, it adjusts… !

This year at the Festivals:


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